January 23, 2010
After Earthquake- Orphans Sleeping in Grass
Laura Rabinow

Eighty Haitian orphans are now living in precarious conditions among 15-20,000 earthquake victims at a hospital outside the Capital of Port-au-Prince.

The orphanage where the children were living was structurally damaged and has been deemed unsafe by Grace International, the organization that has custody of the children and that runs the hospital.

“The Children are very optimistic and joyful, but they’re sleeping out in the grass in the hot sun and rain and there is little food.”  said organization’s president, Bishop Joel Jeune.

Meant to house no more than 2,000 people, the hospital is hurridly responding to the food and medical needs of the displaced persons that have found refuge there. But as Bishop Jeune noted, there are concerns for the orphans who may be exposed to infections, illnesses and other dangers as a result of the current conditions.

“Our responsibility is to make sure the children  are protected, but right now we need help,” he said. Grace International is arranging for the children to get humanitarian parole in the U.S. until the orphanage is repaired, but the earthquake relief efforts are utilizing most of their resources .

According to news reports, the Department of Homeland Security is allowing orphans from Haiti to enter the U.S. on a case by case basis. The earthquake has created thousands of new orphans the reports said. Prior to the earthquake, UN statistics indicated that the small island nation was already home to nearly 400,000 orphans.

Grace International, a social service and ministry organization established in 1974, is dedicated to providing healthcare for Haiti’s people and establishing programs to support the well being of its’ children. For news updates and information go to or contact Gerry Migala, Grace International’s Miami Coordinator at:: 305-231-1117.



January 19, 2010


Since January 12, Grace Village, the compound of humanitarian organization Grace International, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, has become a refuge center, housing almost 20,000 quake victims. Located in the Carrefour district of Port-au-Prince, the compound is located precisely where the earthquake did the most damage.  Most of the homes and neighborhoods surrounding Grace Village have been highly damaged and devastated, leaving tens of thousands of people dead and injured.  Grace Village currently has between 15 and 20 thousand men, women, and children at the hospital site compound at Lamentin, and about two thousand people at Grace Tabernacle compound in Waney.

The doctors and nurses at the compound are under-staffed, short-handed, and without any medical supplies.  The people have no water, food, medicine, or shelter. The organization is working and ready to deliver much needed supplies, but is limited by current travel restrictions in and out of Haiti, and is in continual need of financial assistance.

Fifty-one girls and 31 boys at the Grace International children’s home have been living outside in the hot sun and the rain since the homes got hit by the earthquake.

Grace International is currently coordinating the transportation of children from its orphanages, as well as families from its community to the United States until homes have been rebuilt to house them.

American, Canadian, and other families, churches, and organizations are being asked to help in the temporary housing  and transportation of these victims, and should go to or email for more information.

Donors can help with relocation or with the $125 cost of a passport for each child.

Grace International, Inc. is a non-profit (501c3) organization registered in the State of Florida, with its main operations in the Island of Haiti. Our mission is to provide health-care, education, spiritual guidance, food, and empowered living to those in need within our reach.

Operating since 1974, Grace International was founded by Bishop Joel and wife Doris Jeune, who together oversee and lead the organization in the roles of President and Vice President.  For the past 30 years, Grace International has been impacting lives through the through the oversight and management of 270 churches, 65 schools, 3 orphanages, as well as a medical clinic, a hospital, a home for elderly widows.  Within these programs and facilities, Grace International also operates a feeding program, various learning centers as well as seasonal and annual conferences.  The base of the organization’s work in Haiti is Grace Village, located in the county of Carrefour.

Donations can be made at

Contact:  Michael Jeune @ Grace International, Haiti Relief

Telephone:  404.870.6712, and email:

Refugees At Grace Village

Refugees At Grace Village

Refugees At Grace Village

Refugees At Grace Village

A dead quake victim at Grace Village


A New Hospital and Good Health is on the way for Haiti’s Children.

Construction has resumed, after three years in abeyance on the Grace Haiti Children’s Hospital. When completed and open this state of the art medical facility will provide desperately needed health care available to all of Haiti’s Children. On July 12, 2009, thousands of Haitians descended upon the hospital campus. Joining them were government officials in a rally of solidarity of unconditional support for the hospital.

Located in Carrefour Haiti , a city of nearly 500,000 ,directly adjacent to Port Au Prince the capitol city of nearly two million this first full service hospital dedicated to children, youth and pregnant women will have nearly 145 beds. Phase I the ground floor with emergency room, diagnostic labs, treatment rooms, outpatient as well as children’s ward rooms is projected to open early in 2010.

Phase II the second floor including two operating rooms, intensive care and recovery areas and most of the Children’s wards will, as funds allow, be completed later in 2010 or as early as possible in 2011.

“We owe great thanks to all the concerned friends of Haiti’s children who donated and pledged their continued time and money to make their dreams for the little ones come true:”…Dr Joel Jeune.

For over 35 years Grace International under the leadership of Dr. Joel and Doris Jeune has been sheltering homeless and orphan children in it’s boys and girls homes. Their food programs have been feeding Haiti’s hungry after preventing starvation. For 15 years their clinic has been serving upwards of 50 people a day. Preventative and curative methods and medicines as well as education have reduced the health problems associated with malaria, typhoid, dysentery, along with the usual childhood diseases and HIV aids.

The Grace Haiti Children’s Hospital in Carrefour Haiti has the support of concerned friends of Haiti’s children . A staff of Haitian doctors and nurses augmented by visiting doctors of various disciplines and other health care professionals from America and Canada will provide the state of the art healing center to all of Haiti’s children.

All who care for children are welcome and invited to join together with us in this effort to provide good and life saving health care for the children of Haiti.

Contact Person: Bishop Joel Jeune

Company Name: Grace Haiti Children’s Hospital

Telephone Number: (305) 231-1117

Fax:(305)231-1118 Website:


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