Our Work


GRACE MEDICAL & DENTAL CLINIC: A certified clinic is on-site to provide quality care at affordable prices for the poor. People come and receive treatments for common diseases such as malaria, hernias, baby fevers, baby diarrhea, tuberculosis, and cholera. We offer free HIV testing and dental services. We invite medical teams that come from abroad to enhance our services.

The many friends and partners of Grace International make this effort possible.  Children and families from all over Haiti are able to receive excellent medical care/services they would otherwise go without.

GIRLS’ HOME: A beautiful home for over 70 girls, all of which have been orphaned or abandoned between the ages of 1-10. This home is sponsored by Haiti Love and Faith Ministries based out of Lyons, Kansas.

BOYS’ HOME: Boys ranging from 2-21 years live in the home. Most of these boys have lost their birth parents at the early stages of their lives. They are given essential life skills to become strong men and leaders in society. (Sponsored by Family Christian Residential Services, Pennsylvania—USA)

FEEDING PROGRAM: Over 3000 children and adults are fed daily at our Feeding Centers and schools. This program has brought and sustained hope for many, thanks to the many groups and individuals that support this program.

ELDERLY WIDOWS’ HOME: A home for the many women whose spouses have passed away, leaving them with no one to turn to but the church family.

TRADE SCHOOL: A vocational/technical school in Thiotte to teach the locals the basic skills for survival and equip them with the tools to improve their quality of living.

This program takes the brightest and most ambitious students and funds their way for higher education to prepare and equip them to change society and the nation.

While still at home, children can be sponsored through Grace International. This program is established for children whose parents are still alive but cannot care for them. Through this program you can sponsor a child for education, food, and healthcare.   You can also sponsor an entire family.

SPORTS: In order to keep the young people in a clean and moral environment, a soccer team was founded in the Bois Caiman area.  The team, B.C.F.J. (Bois Caiman For Jesus) has won many championships and excelled in their league.

MEDIA: Bishop Jeune and his Wife host their own show twice a week on television reaching over 3 million viewers.  We also have a radio station on the southeast border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Bishop Jeune regularly meets with the media to offer guidance and direction for the nation’s people.

CONFERENCES: One of the tools we use in this great revolution is stadium conferences and leadership training seminars for people all over the country.

ECONOMIC REVOLUTION: The purpose of the Economic Revolution is to motivate a movement of prosperous business and industry.  Through this movement, we are working to boost the morale of the Haitian population and allow for a healthy environment with a robust economy.  Some of the practical steps of action include the establishment of community development banking systems and the implementation of efficient transportation.  The people will be trained to invest and participate in a growing system of businesses and ventures.

Another area of work that we are involved in is Environmental Restoration through reforestation and provision of alternate cooking fuel.  People are trained to build propane powered stoves out of recycled materials and manufacture them for their respective communities.

GOSPEL CRUSADE OF HAITI: Gospel Crusade in cooperation with Grace International, sponsors and oversees over 270 churches all over the country of Haiti. The numbers are growing as we continue to bring the love of Christ to the Haitian people.

NATIONAL PASTORS’ CONFERENCES AND SEMINARS: Regular pastoral training seminars  bring pastors and leaders from all areas of the country to share and learn leadership skills that will keep them effective in their respective communities.

BIBLE SCHOOL: A school where believers are being trained and equipped to evangelize and spread the gospel. (Sponsored by Victory Christian Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma—Pastor Billy Joe Dougherty)

FEMMES FERVANTES: Grace International unites women of all ages, races, and denominations through seminars and conferences to empower and equip them to become strong women of God.  It is a branch of End Time Handmaidens and Servants International.

CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS PARTY: With the help of friends and partners, Grace International holds an annual Christmas event for children where they are fed, entertained, taught, and blessed with toys and other gifts that they are too poor to receive otherwise. This is a true testimony of Christ‘s love.


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