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From The Desk of Bishop Joel R. Jeune, President

To our dear supporters,

We thank God for all of you who have opened your hearts of compassion towards the Haiti earthquake survivors. Your great help and support of our RESCUE, RELIEF and RESTORATION work is already making a difference!

This past week we were able to welcome on both of our Grace Village compounds more than  35 doctors, 37 nurses and many other relief persons from the States, Canada and the Dominican Republic. Doctors Without Borders have joined our Grace medical Center and together have done such a wonderful job!  Many people have been helped with surgical attention and other lifesaving aid.

The greatest need we have now is food! The supply of food left at the children’s home will only last another 3 days. At the boys Home they have even much less!  No food has been brought to any of our compounds for the 15,000 plus people we have to care for daily. We are looking into going to the Dominican Republic to purchase food. We need much financial support to carry on this EMERGENCY mission.

Since January 12th, 481 earthquake survivors have died on our Grace Village grounds because of lack of medical care, food and shelter. People need our help urgently!  If you are a doctor or medical professional, or you know anybody who is, we encourage you to put a volunteer team together and contact us!

With the generous contribution  of Abundant Living Ministries (Pembroke Pines FL), Good Shepherd United Methodist Church (Cypress, TX)Haiti Love & Faith Ministries Inc (Lyons, KS) and First Methodist Church (Dickenson, TX), we were able to purchase a new  4.5 ton Isuzu diesel truck for $42,000.  It will be a great help with transportation of food and supplies.

We believe God will move more people to donate or fund several more trucks and vans for this huge undertaking.  If you or your church would like to donate a vehicle please contact us as soon as possible. We send a big thank-you to all other ministries and people who have given and continue to give generously to this project!


Our hundreds of orphans and children in distress are still surviving in the most pitiful conditions, without a home and without help. We are trying to bring the children out of Haiti in groups first, then send them to different families who desire to host and eventually adopt.  10 Christian organizations and Ministries in the States are prepared to provide temporary accommodation and care for more than 900 children. More than 100 families have requested to host or adopt children. We are offered airplane transportation from Haiti to the States.

All we need now is US State Department to authorize them to enter the United States. Everyone, please cry to the Lord, talk to your Elected Officials for any help we can get to rescue these precious children form the disaster situation. Some people have been sending $125.00 for passports; we will start ordering passports for some children as soon as possible in order to be ready at all times.  Please keep these needs in your prayers and financial support:

Here are some urgent things that you could help us with:
Transportation: for our medical and professional volunteers, food purchase and delivery transfer of sick people and all other relief supplies.

  • 2 other  MEDIUM-sized TRUCKS urgently needed. (They cost between US$ 42 and $45 thousand each).
  • 3 fifteen passenger vans.  (The vans cost between US$ 35 and $52 thousand. 15-30 persengers).
  • 2 ambulance vehicles.
  • Access to a helicopter would be a great and invaluable asset.


  • We need temporary facilities to take care of the sick until we will be able to restore our buildings and be allowed to work inside.   We have been quoted about $20,000 to build something sufficient for now, and can be put to other use in the future.
  • Water wells.
  • Help to rescue and relocate our orphans and children in distress
  • More doctors, nurses and all people to help

We need as much financial support as you, our friends and the friends of Haiti, can afford to give!
Please continue to send your donation to allow us to continue the RESCUE, RELIEF and RESTORATION mission.

Online:  Click the link to the far right.

Paypal:  If you have a paypal account, login to your account and make your donation to

If you do not have a paypal account, login to and make your donation as a guest to

Bank deposit, wire transfer: information is available upon request. Please call 305-231-1117

Check:  Make your check payable to: Grace International, Inc and mail to:
P. O. Box 172508, Hialeah FL 33017

Medical Mission Teams, Work Teams, Ministry Teams: information is available upon request. Please call 305-231-1117

Donations of Vehicles, equipment, materials and volunteer: information is available upon request.  Please call 305-231-1117


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