5 12 2011

(by Marlon Migala)  Amazing is the Grace, that God inspires us with, here at Grace International. Amazing, also, is the quiet patience and fortitude that inhabits the Orphans of the Storm who survived that earthquake of the century which left them homeless. Though displaced from their homesteads, many found safe haven at our compounds in Carrefour.

Welcomed into Grace Village by Bishop Joel and Pastor Doris Jeune as well as the Grace Haiti team they began their road to recovery by setting up a tarp and tent town, weaving its way around the grounds of our well established campus.

The U.N., U.S. representatives and Haitian civil authorities marveled at the order and peaceful presence exuded by the thousands for whom this ad hoc established home had become.

Doctors Without Borders also recognized the calm of our campus in the midst of the chaos of Carrefour. With foresight we had constructed a hospital, built to rigid California seismic safety standards. They moved in and for more than a year, employing dozens of Haitian Doctors and Nurses, working in tandem with their own staff, along with rotating international teams of health professionals, treated hundreds of walking wounded every day.

Amputating the sorrows of survivors of a Seismic cataclysm that may demarcate the Haiti that was from the land that will and must be born anew out of the Rubble and Ashes of disaster.

We, who love and respect the Haitian people and their brave and hard fought contribution to the Fight for Freedom for all of us, must help them to rebuild their lives better than before and sustainable for generations to come.

The Jeunes vision for Grace has, since the earthquake, taken on the challenge with a new dimension. We call it Rescue, Relieve, Restore and Empower the People.

The Rescue phase is largely completed. The Relief is ongoing, vis a vis our Health Clinic, food distribution and Lords Kitchen feeding programs. The Restoration, well planned and exceeding even the Government’s criteria is off the drawing board and well under way in construction of new homes and support facilities, for our homeless brothers and sisters; most specifically at our new Lambi Village in Greccier County, not far from Carrefour and accessible by a good highway.

The Empowerment Program is multi faceted; including education in blue and white collar skill-sets, micro-financing loans to encourage entrepreneurship by motivated Haitians. Interviewing intentions of potential home recipients to screen in those willing to put in the sweat equity for their new domiciles.

Opening opportunities for those with backgrounds and progressive attitudes in Agrarian endeavors and Animal husbandry. Bringing in partners to assist in starting up both chicken farming as well as food and fodder farming for Ethanol production.

Along with our partner Project Gaia we will soon be commencing on a pilot program of Ethanol/Alcohol cook-stoves with a goal of reversing the ecological destruction and health impairment of producing and burning charcoal to prepare food.

Grace is now assuming full management of the girls home and foresee, in the future, an extension into smaller group homes (with live in house parents) of the heretofore warm embrace of its wonderful confines, long home to orphaned girls. Many of the girls who grew up in this Godly shelter, located in an oasis of opportunities, were educated into careers in medicine (Doctors and Nurses) business and blue collar trades as well as Pastoral pursuits etc. of a New Haiti Dawning.

The challenges are greater than ever but giving birth to new life is always somewhat painful. The baby that’s born always brings hope for a better future if we nurture it with God’s Agape Love. When we become Pioneers for a New Haiti, we all become its midwives.

For ideas to help out with this Pioneering effort check out our previous posting titled “Now is the Time” A small sacrifice, of sharing, on your part becomes a big blessing to the Earthquake Survivors in Haiti. If you scroll down to the bottom of our website there is a space for you to share ideas and comments concerning what you read about Grace International and what we are doing in Haiti. Take a few moments, if you will, to write us some of your thoughts.




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