5 12 2011

(by Marlon Migala)   One of the success stories that have blossomed out of our Grace Village earthquake survivor encampment and our Restoration and Empowerment efforts is that of the Cynthia Chaperon.

Cynthia along with Antoinier became the recipients of the first home Grace International and Fuller Center constructed  at the Lambi Village site.  They are the first of what we project to be many Haitian families to relocate to these new homesteads.

Cynthia has an industrious family unit with four children. She initiated and operated a tent business purveying dry food, spices, eggs, beans and more at her tent in Grace Village and has transposed her dry goods  shop to their new home at Lambi.

Our Haiti Empowerment Program has initiated implementation of a no interest micro financing loan program to assist start up business ventures. One of the early recipients is Cynthia.

We will be empowering many other Haitian entrepreneurs to assist them in achieving their goals for Blessed and Abundant lives.  Many of them have availed themselves of the educational seminars conducted by our partner Project Eden.

Cynthia’s sweat equity labor, also, helped in building their new home.  She worked daily, for weeks, in the construction of the cinder block structure.

Antoinier contributed a daily effort as a resident of the Grace Village camp security force.

Along with their children they have relocated to their new home and begun their restored lives along with other Pioneers of a New Haiti.

More success stories will be forthcoming in subsequent newsletters; involving Project Gaia, EMI, Forward Edge, Fuller Center, Project Eden and others who share our vision and partner with us to achieve it as we progress in creating a new and better Haiti for all.




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