8 04 2011

(By Marlon Migala)

Grace International, along with its partners, Fuller Center for Housing, Forward Edge and Project Eden and Project GAIA; is building transitional and permanent, sustainable, long term housing for our Haitian constituents at both Lambi, in Gressier County and at Lafiteau. (Read our “Now is the Time” posting for ideas of how you can respond and get involved in this important, life affirming effort).

    Construction teams are cycling in every week to work side by side with our Haitian brothers and sisters.  The land we’re blessed with is blossoming to Relieve thousands of earthquake displaced survivors, who’ve been living on the ground in makeshift shelters, into decent living conditions and Restore them to better health and a hopeful future.

     Jerri Migala continues to be your direct connection, here at our stateside offices in Miami Gardens, U.S.A. to Grace International and the coordinator of comings and goings for all of the Grace family.  Call her at (305) 231-1117 and /or E Mail her at office @graceintl.org with any questions or ideas/suggestions you might have for and about the effort in Haiti.  Those of you who know her already know what a blessing she is and how helpful she is in transitioning your efforts into Haiti.  Those who don’t know her yet will be blessed by her Godly service and helpfulness.

     Very grateful thanks to “Doctors Without Borders” for more than a year of their Humanitarian work, at our Hospital in Grace Village, meeting the emergency need of thousands after the earthquake of Jan.  12th, 2010.

     Danny and Michael Jeune continue, along with Ginette Thomas and Matulde Pierre, to bless the Survivor Refugees, as well as others, at our compounds in Carrefour.

     Luce Jeune, Michael’s wife, has just completed a course in ministry studies at Christian Retreat in Bradenton, Florida. Thank you Pastor Phil and IOM ministries for making Luce’s education possible.


       Easter 2011 will will be the first anniversary of “The Lords Kitchen”.  For the past year 1000 (one thousand) and more children have been coming, bowls in hand, hungry eyed, to line up and have their vessels filled with a life sustaining, nourishing meal; to feed them through another day.

       They will take this life saving ration of food; prepared with love, by our sweet lady cooks, back to their tents and share it with their families.

        Your participation in this life affirming effort is quite simple and really very easy to do.  $2.00 a day, including cost of food, cooking fuel and preparation will fill that humble bowl and save a child from starving one more day !

         If you like your Java (coffee) Latte, Grande special at around $4.00 a serving, Skip It and you’ll save two children from starving !  i love my morning mug of Kenya coffee but in buying it by the pound i get 30 four cup carafes from it.  That’s 120 cups of coffee !  Consider how many hungry children you can save by brewing your own and contributing the price of a Latte coffee, even if only once or twice a week, to “The Lord’s Kitchen”.  So, forego the Latte, brew that Java yourself and Save some Children from Starving !!  

    Your resident wordsmith and alternate sources of energy project manager is also promoting Grace International and working to raise funds for our projects in Haiti.  A very exciting Haitian born fine artist has contacted Marlon with an offer to donate the lion’s share of proceeds at an auction of 10 powerful paintings depicting the earthquake aftermath.  Negotiations are underway to secure both a physical and interactive internet auction webcast as soon as possible.  There will be giclee and poster reproductions available also for our friends at more affordable donations.  We will update you as this effort develops.

    Bishop and Marlon, as editor, continue to revise, refine and update Bishop’s biography which we hope to have available for you this year soon.

     Bishop and Doris Jeune continue their on the ground efforts in Haiti and extensive travels promoting Grace and receiving accolades from the many who know and appreciate their nearly four decades of Godly ministry to serve the people and help birth a New Haiti.  Along with Jesus, they are our solid foundations for all we do here at Grace.

     Our operating budget is very, very modest, especially considering all that God has called up to do and all we’ve been accomplishing for His people in Haiti.  Please keep the Faith and remember us when you consider donating funds to a most worthy cause.  We are ever grateful for your support of us and the men, women and children whom we serve in Haiti.




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