1 04 2011

Grace International’s Haiti Empowerment Program is off the drawing board and into action. We have broken ground toward material and social development. Our goal is to pioneer in the creation of a new Haiti.

Our Haiti Empowerment Program is progressing well. Although this program started a couple of years prior  to the earthquake, challenges arising from the effects spawned by the earthquake have motivated us to proceed with urgency.  There are four main categories that are currently in  this process.  Additional partnerships are being finalized for the advancement of these projects.  The Haiti Empowerment Program encompasses several projects bringing relief and restoring lives of thousands of displaced survivors of the earthquake as well as those who were already living in dire circumstances and abject poverty. Our program’s main goal is to create economic opportunities and much better living conditions thus freeing the people we serve from the chains of bondage.

Under construction is our current project, The Lambi Community: Partnership for Sustainable Living. (Click this link to view booklet:  http://74738.inspyred.com/images/HaitiEmpowermentBooklet%20-%202nd%20version.pdf ) It includes:  

Lambi Community

Lambi Community

Agri-business (Current Partners: Forward Edge & Jamaican Broilers Group- to create and stimulate chicken-farming)   Requesting Project Budget: Available upon request

Housing (Current Partners: Fuller Center, Forward Edge, Engineering Ministries International:  – community building via permanent housing solutions)  Requesting Project Budget: Available upon request

Alternative Energy (Partners: GAIA- to produce bio-fuel products for cooking; and to provide bio fuel stoves) Requesting Project Budget: Available upon request

Business Training & Opportunities (Partners: Project Eden – to educate business owners in better business development, improve job skills for construction related tradesmen, to teach individual entrepreneurs basic business practices) Requesting Annual Budget: Available upon request

To get involved in this project, click: http://74738.inspyred.com/pages.asp?pageid=104310 

Update on our Progress

On Monday, November 22nd, 2010 we broke ground on our first sustainable community at Lambi, in Gressier County, Haiti.  This 7-acre site will have 76 homes, a market area, community center and place of worship, a communal water well and bathrooms.  Since then Forward Edge has constructed a number of transitional homes on the site and they are now occupied by families who lost their homes to the earthquake.  

Lambi Community

 This past July, Project Eden helped train 26 construction industry tradesmen and businessmen from Grace International community.  This group will be the initial tradesmen building our new community at Lambi. 

We thank our provider, Almighty God, for bringing us together to embark upon this pioneer effort for a new Haiti. We aim to glorify His name and to improve the lives of His people. We believe that the work in Haiti is in obedience to what Jesus commands.  We look forward to your continued pioneering partnership with us in the development and implementation of this program.




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3 02 2011
craig hill

i am leading a trip in june with the fuller center to Haiti . i would like to get some additional information on the trip. i understand we will be working with grace international. can you email me with the location of the build, where we will be staying and the security of the accommodations. thanks craig

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