30 12 2010

Between 1,000 and 2,000 children remained at the, dusty, earthquake damaged, gymnasium in downtown Port au Prince. We had, after our Christmas Party festivities, already distributed hundreds of shoeboxes, filled with toys and goodies, to the bleachered children on one side of the gym and now with but (according to my count) 480 shoeboxes left we prayed for a miracle of God to multiply the blessings.

 Haiti Christmas 2010 813.JPG  Haiti Christmas 2010 1171.JPG

The children filed down, from their seats ,through a gauntlet of Grace personnel and volunteers; each boy and girl receiving their shoebox of North American gift joy donations, courtesy of Operation Christmas Child, a ministry of Samaritan’s Purse. We were amazed returning repeatedly to what were almost empty cartons to discover them refilled with more shoeboxes. Having arrived with 2,000 of the promised 10,000 (8,000 of which were unavailable due to customs embargo) we blessed nearly 3,000 children and still left with enough gifts for the Boys home at Waney. Now that’s loaves and fishes multiplication time..(“the works that I do shall the believer do also.. ”John 14:12).

Most  of  the 10,000 or more children who attended the 5 parties held at Lamentin and Waney Compounds, the Boys Detention center at Carrefour, the Sunshine Home in Patient Ville and the Gym in downtown Port au Prince asked Jesus into their hearts; running to the alter when given the opportunity.

Despite a weeks delay, due to post election unrest that cancelled all flights in and out of Haiti, our mission was accomplished.  These precious Orphans of the Storm, who endured nearly a year living in the Sea of Sorrows aftermath of the worst natural disaster in Haiti’s recorded history had their special days of Christmas.  For this Wordsmith and my wife Jerri, Christmas will no longer be Christmas without our  time in Haiti, sharing, along with our puppets, the joy of Jesus with our family of boys and girls. We thank Rodolph Dorleans, our wonderful translator and Creole voice interpreter for his enthusiastic participation. Our puppet team of 25 Haitian young men and women learned and performed, with  dedication and joyful purpose, a new script, that I wrote and directed, of the story of Jesus birth.

Haiti Christmas 2010 101.JPG  Haiti Christmas 2010 474.JPG  Haiti Christmas 2010 508.JPG

Finally, all these celebrations would not be possible without Pastor Doris Jeune, her well organized support team and the very generous funding provided by Pastor Stanley Moore and Words of Life Church of North Miami Beach, Fl, USA.

By Marlon Migala




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