14 12 2010

•      We have much to be thankful for !  God has spared us from the most recent hurricane and the Cholera epidemic.  The Lord created a hedge of protection around the Waney and Lamentin Compounds.  Our Faith and yours shall continue to protect us from Hurricanes, Cholera and Violence.

       •      Thank you to Forward Edge who blessed the 1,000 children at “The Lord’s Kitchen” daily feeding program. 

       •      Forward Edge has erected Four (4) homes, with more to come, at the new Lambi Sustainable Community site.  Our partners currently  active with us are: Fuller Center, Engineering Ministries International, Forward Edge and Project Gaia.  

       •      Arise and Walk Ministries, who have sent numerous medical teams to Grace Village this year has honored Bishop and Doris with their International Missions Award, which pays tribute to individuals for remarkable, unselfish and humanitarian efforts to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of poor and challenged peoples around the world. 

       •      Our heartfelt gratitude to Pastor Stanley Moore and Words of Life Church who most generously helped to support our five Children’s Christmas Parties this past December 17th through the 20th.  We also thank Samaritan’s Purse for providing 2,000 gift shoe boxes for our Christmas parties. The parties took place at Grace Village-Lamentin; at the Sunshine Children’s Home in Petionville; at a large gymnasium, near the National Palace, in downtown Port Au Prince; at Grace’s Waney church and school and finally at the Boy’s Detention Center in Carrefour. Approximately 12,000 children attended these joyous celebrations of Jesus birth, a majority of whom received Him into their hearts.

       •      Thank you to Pastor Chris Connell and Pastor Eric Jarvis and their teams from Raleigh North Carolina and Michigan and Connie Klein and her parents as well as Paulette Cheeks for their ill fated attempt to join us for the Christmas parties but could not continue on from Miami due to post election rioting in Haiti which forced a week long cancellation of all flights.  Long time supporter Sarah Broomell from Virginia and her sister Laura Ward from New Hampshire who stayed with Marlon and Jerri and lent some very welcome helping hands in the Migala’s garage sorting and packing Christmas gifts for the children, while waiting and hoping that American Airlines would resume flights in time for at least a weekend in Haiti. They did, however, send some greatly appreciated gifts for the girls home at Lamentin which Marlon, Jerri and Ed and Kathy Keith brought with them when they arrived in Haiti on the 14th of December.

       •      We thank Dr Ted Grimes who, with his team, has worked so hard, refurbishing to new and usable condition several dozen bathrooms as well as making the Girls Home safe and secure for our precious girls. The girls  and boys have been so heroic in facing all the post earthquake adversities. God has spared our kids and camps from many months of aftershocks from the earthquake, a hurricane, a chlorea epidemic and post election rioting.




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