9 12 2010

Here is what we have been up to since the earthquake:

  • Grace Village, our once well-manicured 20 acres of enclosed land turned into a place of refuge for over 15,000 people within the first couple of days following the earthquake
  • The number swelled from there on, and we now service over 25,000 people who live or receive medical treatment on our compound.  We have also become the appointed distributors of food to over 100,000 people in our community
  • We have organized this camp and separated it into blocks, appointing a block captain and small committee in each block
  • We have provided the people in this refugee camp with wells, showers, toilets, and a trash disposal system in order to prevent the many health risks associated with such situations
  • We rebuilt the walls around the camp and appointed security personnel to keep the people safe (and now more people want to be here because it’s the safest place they know)
  • We have managed the distribution system for World Food Programme in the distribution of food to over 100,000 people on several occasions
  • We have formed a partnership with Medecins Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders), making the Grace Hospital (in Grace Village) the biggest MSF site in the country
  • We have formed agreements with several other organizations through which they can provide care to thousands of people in our jurisdiction (for example: Save The Children’s psychological support group to child-survivors of the quake)
  • We have formed several partnerships and are actively working on identifying land on which to build semi-permanent and permanent homes to get people away from the risk of dangerous weather and flooding
  • We have identified a model of new, safe, and sustainable housing/community options through which we intend to help thousands be housed, and establish productive lifestyles in the long-term
  • We have hosted visiting medical teams bi-weekly to administer additional care and treatment to thousands of people in our camp, as well as remote sights
  • We have become a model for healthy, proactive, and efficient camp management even to the point of being observed and emulated by UN and US Marines
  • We have reinstated our feeding program through which we used to feed 3000 children daily (we are working towards getting back to doing this daily)
  • We have established a partnership for a program through which one child per month can travel to the United States to receive a life-saving surgery that is unavailable to the child in Haitian hospitals (our first girl, Giovani, will be completing her immigration process and making her trip in the next couple of weeks!)
  • We continue to fight the battle to secure a safe, productive, and hopeful future for all Haitians

Please partner with us as we move forward with these urgent needs:

  • Tarps, tents, and food for thousands of people who are in our camp
  • Shipping (air and sea) avenues through which we can continue the flow of supplies into the country
  • Capital for the completion of our temporary resettlement and permanent housing work (we are creating sustainable, healthy, eco-friendly, and empowering communities through which the Haitian people can access and utilize their full potential)
  • Immigration approval for our 100 children who are too traumatized to enter back into the Girls Home and Boys Home in Carrefour (we are looking to house them in the US for about a year during which they can recover while we rebuild their homes)

Join us on the journey to accomplish our mission: to RESCUE, RELIEVE, RESTORE!


Visit to donate and volunteer.




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