25 03 2010

Rainy season is here, and it won’t be long before Haiti will be hit with the rain and flooding that happens every year.

Just as a reminder, the country of Haiti is badly deforested, and so any amount of rain just floods through the streets and the homes, creating unbearable amounts of mud and standing water.

Now that millions of people are displaced and living in makeshift tents, the threat of rain is escalated and daunting!

There are hundreds of thousands of decomposed human bodies under the country’s rubble, and all this could flood out into the streets, causing a major health threat.

Millions of people don’t have anywhere to go, and these displaced people will be displaced again once their tent-homes are underwater.

Please join us to aid as many of these people as possible BEFORE THE RAIN!

We are working on finding transitional and permanent housing for the 25,000 quake victims on our compound, as well as looking to provide tents and tarps as very temporary measures.

Donate: send money, tents, tarps.

If you donate money, we will use it to purchase and distribute food at very low costs, and work towards getting our transitional/permanent housing plan into action even faster!

You make it possible!




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