A New Haiti

12 03 2010

Two months after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the people are still resiliently fighting to gain stability. Driving through Port au Prince, the spirit in the air is one of cooperation, determination, and optimism.

People outside the presidential palace holding awareness and motivational rally.

Enter the County of Carrefour, and you will find what once was the poorest part Port au Prince to be the part now that is richest with promise! Our compound in Carrefour is housing over 20,000 quake victims, and is now the second biggest camp in Port au Prince, according to the US Marines.

Grace Village has quickly become a model and example for many other groups and organizations (including US Marines, and even the UN)

Beyond our compound, we have an additional 80-90 thousand people that we have become responsible to distribute food to. Many of you friends in the United States and Canada, and many other parts of the world have faithfully supported our efforts to RESCUE, RELIEVE, and RESTORE. Your donations, volunteerism, and solidarity has enabled us to help thousands of people. Please know that you are making a difference!

Our needs are ever-changing, as we are working very fast to feed, house, and provide healthcare for the many thousands of quake victims in our vicinity. Here is what you can help us work on:

1. FOOD–We are going to begin our feeding program again, which used to feed between 3000-5000 children daily, but halted after the earthquake. This will entail building a food storage building and modifying the back of our hospital to accommodate it.
2. HOUSING–We are working on building model communities that are affordable, sustainable, and eco-friendly so that the people can have reliable shelter during the rainy season.

We are currently raising the budget to make this happen very fast, and we need your help! Getting people housed and placed in a position to rebuild their lives is our priority, and we thank you for your donations and support.

Let’s keep making a difference!




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