22 01 2010

Over 15,000 victims are on our hospital campus, and they are still in need of medical attention, water, food, and shelter.

Haiti’s need for humanitarian support is acute, and Grace International has years of labor ahead in the difficult process of rebuilding the nation.  Many of Haiti’s needs are immediate and become more pressing by the day.  In the coming days, the support we give to Grace International will enable the organization to make the following investments:

  • A temporary safe harbor for orphans – Grace is currently the legal guardian of more than 70 Haitian orphans whose home was destroyed.  These orphans can be temporarily housed and cared for in the US while the orphanage is rebuilt.  For each child, a passport must first be obtained and paid for and travel arrangements must be secured.
  • Construction of a temporary medical facility to augment the main hospital’s capacity – at present, the hospital is accommodating roughly 1,000% of its intended occupancy.
  • One helicopter or reliable access to a helicopter, an incomparable tool for administering relief quickly and effectively.
  • Two ambulances.
  • Three mid-sized trucks with which the reliable transportation of critical relief supplies can be assured.
  • Three passenger vans to transport Grace’s medical and professional volunteers to the areas of greatest need.



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