20 01 2010

At this time of unprecedented devastation in the country of Haiti, it is great comfort to see ARMY personnel from many nations come together to rescue those thousands of people who have been crushed under the debris of collapsed buildings of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake.

But what is even more comforting is seeing all of us as God’s people from around the world join together to bring RELIEF, to RESCUE and to RESTORE. We have formed a different kind of army: an ARMY OF LOVE.

ARMY OF LOVE  3R PLAN: We need you to join this ARMY OF LOVE, and help in these efforts:

1. RESCUE We are very thankful to God for all the survivors, including our orphan children. Now we are making efforts to RESCUE the children first out of their shaky environment. Many people and organizations have already offered  to host families and children in their homes in the States and Canada. We need your help to make this happen. You can call your Congressmen and Senators to help accelerate the process, and you also can help with the passport and travel costs if you are able.

2. RELIEVE Our  emergency RELIEF program is providing medical treatment, food, water, wells, shelter, clothing, shoes, flashlights, cooking materials and all other relief items.  We are inviting doctors, nurses, relief workers, builders and all people who want to be a part of the relief teams.

Between 15 and 20 thousand people including children came to find refuge at our Grace Village compound by the Hospital and church campus, plus 2 to 3 thousand campus in Waney, Carrefour.  How long can they stay with us without food, bathrooms, shelter and rest before there are some kind of riots?  Much  financial  assistance  is needed right away!

3. RESTORE This  ARMY OF LOVE is dedicated to helping restore the survivors back to not only normal, but abundant and healthy living.  We will do all we can to participate and lead in the rebuilding mission!


3 MEDIUM-sized TRUCKS for shipping of relief supplies. (They cost between US$ 45 and $55 thousand each).
3 fifteen passenger vans to transport our medical and professional volunteers around. (The vans cost between US$ 35 and $45 thousand).
2 ambulance vehicles.
A helicopter, or access to one would be a great and invaluable asset.
We need a temporary facility to take care of the sick (in addition to hospital).  About $20,000 can build something sufficient.




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