19 01 2010

Since January 12, both of our compounds in Carrefour have become Refuge Centers, housing almost 20,000 people. Most of the homes surrounding our facilities have been highly damaged and devastated, killing and injuring thousands of people. Because of this devastation, our mission campuses have become refuge centers. We presently have between 15 and 20 thousand people including children on our hospital site compound at Grace Village in Lamentin, and about two thousand people at Grace Tabernacle compound in Waney.

These people have no place to go, nothing to eat, nothing, nothing and nothing! Thousands of families in great distress are crying for help.

If you can host a family, in your home, church or community center, please let us know as quickly as you can.

Our 51 girls and 31 boys at the children’s home have been living outside in the hot sun and the rain since the homes got hit by the earthquake. Lack of food, water, medicine, shelters are becoming a big problem. We are looking for Friends as good Samaritans in the States, Canada and other countries who can receive them in their homes for few months, until things get better and rebuilt. Urgent relocation is a must while rebuilding is in process. You can help with relocation or with $125 costs of a passport for each child.

Most of the assistance and activities you have seen on CNN and the other media channels have not been coming to our areas in Carrefour which was the epicenter of this major quake. We are calling for all God’s people to come and help their brothers and sisters as soon as possible!

We are thankful to all people, churches and organizations that have manifested interest in helping or started sending their help.  Only about $1700 has been reported to our online donation account as of today January 18, 2010!  We really need more miracle for much bigger financial assistance to face such a magnitude of crisis on our compounds in Haiti as well as coordinating costs in the States. We have some doctors and other helpers on the way, while more volunteers have been waiting to get on board as soon as clearance is be given to fly. We welcome all of you in to join us in being God’s hands and feet, and bringing relief to the suffering.




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